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Testimonials from PROBE facilitators

There are many benefits to a company by using PROBE but to me some of the most profound change can come when the senior team start listening to their people in a new way.  PROBE facilitates a discussion within a company which teases out the issues which have been hindering the company in some way.

But further than this, and in my view more important, the PROBE tool acts as a catalyst for change. The momentum achieved from doing the PROBE with the team if harnessed can have a ripple effect through the very core of the business. If supported this ripple will grow in momentum, providing a radical shift in company paradigms, providing an unsurpassed opportunity to harness energies to make the necessary changes, to mitigate against losses or to increase productivity as the case may be. In my mind it is a tool to open a new type of dialogue and a tool to enthuse a team.

Wendy Mitchell, Business Adviser, Enterprise Connect, Tasmania (Australia)

I began the training skeptical about the capacity of what – on the face of it – appears to be a data-drive, quantitative exercise and came away very impressed with (a) the thinking behind the methodology and (b) the way in which the process manages to include a great deal of nuance and so bridges the difficult divide between quantitative and qualitative. I’m very impressed. The PROBE tools are going to be very helpful as part of the business reviews we’ll be completing with Australian businesses.

Peter Morris, Business Adviser, Enterprise Connect and New South Wales Business Chamber

I’ve found the PROBE suite of tools to be an excellent way of comprehensively digging to a qualitative assessment of a business through the medium of ostensibly benign questions and facilitated group discussions. The new Sustainable Business tool carries this methodology linked with solid scientific credentials into one of the big focuses of our time, and again with simple questions and provoking discussion establishes just how world class a business really is.

Nigel Goodrich GCM Solutions Ltd (UK)

PROBE for Sustainable Business is an essential tool for both the sustainability practitioner and business adviser. I’ve found it extremely valuable in helping clients to contextualize what sustainability principles mean in practice. Its structured process is both simple and efficient, and with language that is business-friendly, it allows for easy interpretation of sustainability risk and opportunity. Furthermore, because the tool is underpinned by rigorous, tested methods in both performance benchmarking and sustainability planning, I think it is helping to redefine the true meaning of business excellence.

Richard Blume, Senior Adviser, The Natural Step International (Sweden)



PROBE reviews are impressively user friendly and with a minimal use of client time for the benefit achieved. Questions dealing with important macro and micro practices and performance issues allow quality team debate in an highly constructive manner. This gives a sound basis for gaining support for ‘Strategically Thinking about Strategic Planning’ for any enterprise. PROBE demonstrates in itself very good processes and performance that deliver reports and outcomes of a best practice nature.

John Clegg, Business Adviser,  Enterprise Connect and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia

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Posted: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011


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