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Testimonials for PROBE for Sustainable Business

We really appreciated the structured and rigorous assessment that PROBE provided. It helped us ‘hold up a mirror’ to our own performance and progress and deepened our awareness of the complex interplay between the economic, social and environmental effects of our business.

John Twigg, Group Planning Director, Manchester Airports Group (UK) ‘The country’s largest UK-owned airport operator’

The PROBE for Sustainable Business tool is proving very helpful to the business’ efforts to deepen its understanding of sustainability-related issues and how they can be addressed. It provides an holistic understanding of sustainable business, which has helped us to recognise some existing strengths within the business, and some areas in which we have some work to do.  Sustainability is increasingly important to some of our major customers, and PROBE is helping us to think through how to respond. Initially the PROBE tool seemed quite daunting but in fact it is quite a straightforward process and hasn’t required unreasonable amounts of time input – the benefits of the process make the effort well worthwhile.

Sue Bramley, Continuous Improvement Manager, Silentnight Beds (UK)

A view from a sustainability-focused consultancy:

PROBE is a major contribution to helping our clients see the business case for sustainability. Its ability to measure sustainability using The Natural Step principles is what attracts clients initially but it’s the conversations that it starts within and across organisations that really adds value.

John Harrington, Director, RealEyes Sustainability Ltd (Ireland)

A view from a PROBE facilitator and contributor, bringing PROBE to his clients and partners through the involvement of ‘The Natural Step’ as a Collaborative Partner in PROBE:

PROBE for Sustainable Business is an essential tool for both the sustainability practitioner and business adviser. I’ve found it extremely valuable in helping clients to contextualize what sustainability principles mean in practice. Its structured process is both simple and efficient, and with language that is business-friendly, it allows for easy interpretation of sustainability risk and opportunity. Furthermore, because the tool is underpinned by rigorous, tested methods in both performance benchmarking and sustainability planning, I think it is helping to redefine the true meaning of business excellence.

Richard Blume, Senior Adviser, The Natural Step International (Sweden)

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Posted: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011


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