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PROmoting Business Excellence

The PROBE Network is a worldwide alliance of people and organisations who share a commitment to PROmoting Business Excellence. They support the businesses they work with to achieve excellent performance through the development and deployment of excellent practice.

PROBE Network Members have in common that they are involved in the deployment of the PROBE best practice benchmarking tools in pursuit of these aims. Many also use data generated through PROBE tools for policy, research and educational purposes. In other words, they drive continuous improvement not only among their individual client businesses, but also strategically at the Macro level.

A number of PROBE Network Members are featured in the Case Studies section of this website.

PROBE Network Members are catalysts for continuous improvement and the constant quest for organisational excellence. They deliver great business support.  PROBE helps them to do so.

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Read more about how to become a member of the PROBE Network and begin using PROBE as a catalyst for business improvement.

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