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PROBE for Sustainable Business – old

Are you ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

How well equipped are your client organisations to manage their biggest sustainability risks and opportunities? Are they ready to integrate sustainability into their business strategy and operating model and create value, increase revenues and reduce costs?

There is a growing body of evidence that smart sustainability-focused strategies deliver substantial business benefits including improved profitability. A thorough review* of research on this theme, and of businesses that have applied “smart strategies around sustainability”, has found that the potential profit increase over 5 years is a minimum of 38% for large enterprises and 66% for small or medium sized enterprises. Our own research shows that those organisations that have undertaken a PROBE for Sustainable Business benchmark are seeing a 5:1 return on their initial investment in the first year.

PROBE for Sustainable Business is the smart business approach for measuring corporate, social, environmental advantage and risk. Many of your business clients will want to be at the forefront of this new Industrial Revolution. They will want to know how they measure up and what they need to do to become a sustainable business. Now they can access a framework that pulls the corporate, social and environmental picture together in one business model.

By undertaking a PROBE for Sustainable Business Assessment and acting on its findings an organisation can benefit from:

  • Rapid identification of strengths and weaknesses in terms of business sustainability
  • Positive business returns through sustainability actions
  • A reduction in any environmental impact caused by their operations
  • An enhancement of their reputation
  • Improved productivity and increased profitability
  • The potential to identify and open up new markets

PROBE for Sustainable Business recognises that your clients may be at different stages of their sustainability journey by giving you 3 possible entry points.

Once trained you and your business advisors/consultants will have access to all three levels of PROBE for Sustainable Business on one piece of software.

If you would like to become a PROBE facilitator we offer a comprehensive training package and great value licensing arrangements to enable you and your business advisors/consultants to access the PROBE for Sustainable Business assessment tool, or

If you are an organisation that would like to find out how you measure up against your competitors and peers

Contact us to find out more

Download PROBE for Sustainable Business Information Brochure

*Willard, Bob (2005) The Next Sustainability Wave
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