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PROBE for Sustainability Excellence

sustainability wheelWe all recognise that by becoming a sustainable organisation we are contributing positively to society and the natural environment upon which we all depend. We also know that there is growing evidence that a focus on sustainability leads to significant financial and business benefits: strengthened brand and competitive advantage, increased productivity and reduced costs, improved financial and investment opportunities, enhanced employee recruitment and retention.

So, as a Business Adviser or Business Support Agency, how can you help an organisation to put sustainability at the centre of everything they do? How do you help an organisation to use their innovation and resources to close the gap between where they are and what they are already doing well to where they need to be if they aspire to be sustainable well into the future.

“In terms of sustainable business practices, PROBE takes you from using your thumbs and the sun for orientation, to having an actual GPS.” 

Raefer Wallis Director, A00 Architecture

Founder of GIGA, China

PROBE for Sustainability Excellence is the smart business approach for measuring corporate, social, and environmental advantage and risk. It is a rigorous, science-based methodology that organisations can use to measure and compare key business practices and performance indicators to see how prepared they are for the challenges that lie ahead.

Using a facilitated approach an in-house team will identify what needs to be done and how it can be achieved. All aspects of sustainability will be examined and discussed; reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint; use of more renewable materials & resources; greater attention to whole product /service life-cycle including end-of-life; reduction of environmental impact; attention to employment practices and societal impact both locally and further afield. The result will be a plan for action that can engage and motivate the whole organisation to make sustainability happen.

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