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PROBE Customised Solutions

Sometimes our PROBE Network members need a customised solution to enable them to target PROBE at a particular sector or for a particular project that they are involved in. We are always looking for innovative ways of adapting and customising PROBE  for a new purpose.

Below are some of the customised versions of PROBE that we have developed;

Using a combination of customised questions from PROBE for Service and PROBE for Manufacturing we collaborated with Dairy UK to develop Dairy PROBE.

The rationale for using PROBE in the Diary industries is straightforward: to underpin sustainable growth of the sector through focusing the attention of dairy companies on adopting improvement agendas in their business management practices and processes. This focus is achieved by engaging dairy companies in benchmarking their practice and performance using Dairy PROBE.

Dairy PROBE Case Study

Using a similar combination of questions as Dairy PROBE but with a cereals industry customisation Cereals PROBE was used to benchmark 48 organisations across England and Scotland.

Developed in collaboration with the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) the findings from Cereals PROBE enabled them to develop a strategy for improving the efficiency and performance of the cereal chain in a way consistent with a sustainable, internationally competitive UK cereal industry.

Cereals PROBE Case Study

The PROBE for Irish Fish Processors project was commissioned jointly by Enterprise Ireland and BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara – the Irish Sea Fisheries Board). The objective of the Irish Fish Processors project was to use tools and techniques widely employed in other industries to help improve the efficiency of the sector. This project used a customised PROBE for Manufacturing with additional questions that examined some key quantative indicators and a marketing module, to achieve this aim.

Irish Fish Processors PROBE Case Study

In addition, we have undertaken project based benchmarking using sector specific PROBE customised solutions with the ‘Red Meat’, Learning and Skills, Horticultural, Cheese makers, Timber, and Healthcare sectors.

If you would like to discuss your ideas and requirements, please contact us.

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