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PROBE – Actions Speak Louder

PROBE is a simple yet dynamic catalyst for organisational change. Using PROBE, business advisers and business support agencies achieve deep engagement with their client businesses, helping them to achieve improved bottom line results and real forward momentum on their journey to excellence.

PROBE helps advisers to deliver high impact for their clients through a highly effective and cost efficient process. Thousands of organisations, in 50+ countries, across the full spectrum of sectors, types and sizes, have benefited from the infectious enthusiasm and insights that PROBE generates within an in-house team, spurring focused actions to improve the way their organisation works, the service it delivers and the performance it achieves.

PROBE is a facilitated diagnostic process through which a business adviser asks incisive questions about a comprehensive range of organisational processes. The adviser works with an in-house team to identify what their organisation can do to improve, and to plan and mobilise focused actions that will achieve maximum impact.

Advisors can apply PROBE’s holistic approach to organisational improvement at whole-organisation level and/or at the level of specific business units within the organisation. Specialised PROBE modules that focus on Sustainability, Innovation, Leadership and Manufacturing also equip advisers to lead in-depth analyses of these key drivers of business excellence.

PROBE has been adopted and deployed to good effect by numerous regional, national and international business support organisations, including publicly funded agencies and private sector consultancies. Hundreds of business advisors have used PROBE to strengthen their ability to engage quickly and effectively and to make a major and sustainable difference to their client businesses.

If you wish to find out more about how to access PROBE or how to join the PROBE Network, please contact us.

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