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PROBE for Innovation Excellence

Innovation insights frameworkWe all know that innovation is important. Organisations that fail to innovate run the risk of losing ground to competitors, losing key staff, or simply operating inefficiently. Innovation is a key to a sustainable future for any organisation. But how do you know how innovative an organisation is? What can you do to show an organisation what it needs to do to improve; to become an innovative organisation? 

Innovation is about developing the business in new ways that will yield benefits. It’s about a mindset, a managed approach and a culture that maximises value from new ideas. Innovation covers any new improvement to the business, be it incremental or a more dramatic step change. Innovation can include introducing new products and services, re-engineering business processes, re-positioning the business in the market or developing a completely new business model.

Businesses need to innovate in the way they do business and they need to become much more effective at innovation – more systematic, more regular and with more impact. PROBE for Innovation Excellence focuses on best practice in the deployment of innovation in and through the organisation’s processes and activities and in the delivery of innovative services, products and performance. It is applicable to any business, any organisation of any size and type in any sector.

  • Do you have effective leadership for innovation?
  • Do you have a vision and strategy for your sustainable innovation activities?
  • How effective is your process for generating, selecting and implementing new ideas?
  • How effectively do your culture and values encourage innovation?
  • What skills and methods are in place to support innovation?
  • How do your customer interactions encourage innovative thinking?
  • How strong is your innovation performance?

Developed in conjunction with Codexx Associates Ltd and IEL, Santa Catarina, PROBE for Innovation Excellence delivers an insightful measurement of the innovation capabilities across all of the critical areas of any organisation.

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