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A new way to make sense of Sustainability

We are proud to announce the release of the latest addition to the PROBE suite of tools. Our new version of PROBE for Sustainable Business (PSB) tool is ‘lite of touch’ to deliver but packs a serious punch when identifying the immediate steps needed to help an organisation understand how it compares in the complex world of sustainability. PROBE for Sustainable Business ‘Lite’ asks twenty four key questions that will provide your client organisations with a clear and concise stimulus for action.

Dr David Yarrow, Head of Sustainable Development for the PROBE Network, “All private and public organisations are finding that they must use fewer resources to produce goods and services that benefit society and the environment and still meet traditional demands—from customers for price, quality and availability; from shareholders for outstanding performance and returns; and from politicians for economic growth and  prosperity in both developed and developing economies. Many of these organisations are looking for practical help to enable them to, initially, identify what needs to be done. PSB ‘Lite’ finally gives sustainability practitioners a quick, concise means of doing this , helping their clients to unlock the positive business returns that can be gained through sustainability actions.”

If you want a diagnostic tool that will help your clients to identify and realise the substantial bottom-line benefits achievable through serious commitment to corporate responsibility please Contact us to find out how you can become a member of the PROBE Network and gain access to PROBE for Sustainable Business.

PROBE for Sustainable Business ‘Lite’  is the latest stage in our continued approach of making Sustainable growth accessible to all organisations.

For more information Download the PSB  information sheet

or navigate to PROBE Solutions/PROBE for Sustainable Business

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Posted: Wednesday, February 9th, 2011


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