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TNS Training: Sustainability for Leaders

The ‘Sustainability for Leaders’ course is offered by The Natural Step, a respected, international, non profit organisation at the forefront of international research and dialogue about sustainable development. The Natural Step is a close collaborator with The PROBE Network on the promotion and deployment of PROBE for Sustainability Excellence (a.k.a. ‘PROBE for Sustainable Business’) as a practical tool that helps organisations to engage with the principles of sustainability and understand the relevance and opportunities that sustainability offers.

As preparation for using PROBE for Sustainability Excellence, we recommend that you develop at least an introductory-level understanding of TNS’s Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, for example by completing one a short eLearning course (click here for details).  Once you have completed the eLearning, to develop a deeper understanding you may wish to attend the Sustainability for Leaders course described below.  This course and PROBE Facilitator Training complement one another, and can be attended in any sequence. Together, they provide a powerful knowledge base and toolkit for helping organisations to better understand sustainability, the current status of their practices and performance, and how to enhance their sustainability and obtain substantial financial and other benefits.

Sustainability for Leaders A Transformative Approach to Sustainability Thinking, Strategy and Results

You can tell somebody the rules of chess, but that doesn’t make them a chess player and certainly not a master. They need to play in order to develop a full understanding of the strategies that can be deployed.”

 Karl-Henrik Robert, TNS Founder & Blue Planet Prize Winner
Learning Objectives
  • Gain clear understanding of sustainability based on sound science & systems thinking.
  • Achieve a solid foundation in The Natural Step Framework, its rationale and how to apply it to organisations and complex sustainability issues.
  • Attain confidence in communicating core concepts of strategic sustainable development.
  • Learn to plan for success in complex systems by use of backcasting.

While this course provides a solid grounding in core concepts,the focus is on participation and practical experience with plenty of opportunities for dialogue & hands-on application.

Course Participants

The course is open to anyone who wants to be a leader in the change toward a sustainable society. Past participants include:

  • Internal company and SME champions
  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Municipal employees and elected officials
  •  Professors, researchers and consultants
TNS encourage participation from a wide range of sectors and perspectives, leading to a richer dialogue and peer learning, simulating the cross-sectoral approach needed to take a systems approach to sustainable development.
For further details, available dates and course fees, and to book your place click here or contact    +46 761 997710

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