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Software upgrade announcement

From 12 noon (BST) on 25th July 2011 until 6pm (BST) on 26th July the PROBE Licensee Access Point will be offline to enable us to carry out some routine maintenance and to carry out a Site Tool update. You will not be able to log in to the Access Point during this time.

When the Access Point comes back online all PROBE facilitators will receive Site tool update notifications the first time they try to access their Site Tool. The update notifications will relate to the Main Site Tool program and the ‘Flavour’ files. These can be downloaded and installed automatically and should not need any input from Licensee Managers. Facilitator Data Files (which contain the facilitator’s username/passwords and data from recent benchmarks) will not need to be updated.

Installation of the updated Site Tool software is not urgent. If any facilitators can’t or don’t respond to the update notifications immediately, their already-installed Site Tools will continue to operate as normal. In these circumstances, we recommend that the updated Main Site Tool program and ‘Flavour’ files should be installed at the next convenient opportunity.

Once the Site Tool has been updated the facilitators will notice some changes to the  menu and functions associated with the graphical outputs.  A description of the changes can be found by clicking here (pages 1-4)

The remaining pages of this document highlight additional changes, including some new graphical outputs, that have been made as part of our latest version of the PROBE for Sustainable Business tool. This latest version recognises that organisations can be at different stages of their sustainability development by providing a 3 tier diagnostic approach -Lite, Standard and Advanced. If you would like to learn more about the new PROBE for Sustainability diagnostic assessment tool please Contact us

We have also made a short video to demonstrate these new changes


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Posted: Monday, July 18th, 2011


  1. John Clegg July 20, 2011

    Well done Dave. Good one re cut & paste changes.
    Also like the ability in PSB to on screen drill down to individual questions and scores that make up the quartile scores to assist with understanding why the business is in 2nd or 3rd quartile etc. Explaining what the question mix is often important in the post workshop debrief session e.g. what questions relate to “Market acuity ” or any other quartile. Currently one can read the questions & score off the ‘Interpreting the Quartiles Charts’ scoresheet – would be great to show on screen and comment about them with the visual infront of the group. Any plans for this screen quartile questions/scores capability to be built into Manuf, Service & Micro?
    Video presentation was easy to follow – I am used to the accent by now!

  2. Thanks for the feedback John. We’re gathering views from PROBE users about the merits of the changes that have so far been introduced only in the ‘Sustainable Business’ version, including the on-screen drill down that you have mentioned. So far, we’re getting positive reactions, which would encourage us to spread those features to other variants of PROBE. Your comments are another nudge in that direction.