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PROBE Site Tool installation guidance for training participants

Please bring a laptop running a recent version of WINDOWS to the PROBE Facilitator Training course

PROBE “Site Tool‟ software is provided to all participants in PROBE facilitator training. This software is designed for use on a laptop, so that facilitators can use it wherever they are working with teams who are completing a PROBE assessment, to analyse the scores and data that the team generates and to quickly provide clear, insightful graphical feedback.

The Site Tool software runs under the WINDOWS Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7).  Installation files will be provided to participants in advance of the facilitator training, or during the training, as appropriate. A key part of the training course itself is an opportunity for participants to become familiar with the software’s capabilities, and to practise using it and interpreting the outputs.  Please bring your WINDOWS-enabled laptop to the training course so that you can take advantage of this opportunity!

Advice for Apple MAC users 

PROBE Site Tool software can be used on an Apple MAC by following Apple’s advice about running Windows-based software on a MAC, which can be found in a short video here: Mac OS X: Using Windows on a Mac. PROBE users who run the software on a MAC generally prefer the ‘virtualisation’ software’ option that Apple describe in that video, which creates a ‘virtual PC’ on the MAC and enables you to run windows-based programmes without having to re-boot the computer in order to switch from the MAC OS X operating system into Windows.  ‘Parallels’ and ‘VM Ware Fusion’ are popular choices of virtualisation software – see details on these webpages: Parallels    VM Ware Fusion  Please note that it is also necessary to install WINDOWS itself, as well as the virtualisation software. Many PROBE facilitators, including two of the PROBE Facilitator Trainers, use the PROBE software regularly and very successfully on Macs.

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