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Queensland clean up

After the devastating floods that have hit Queensland, not to mention the latest cyclone, we are pleased to report that our friends at one of our longest serving PROBE Network centres, QMI Solutions Ltd, are all well and contributing to the enormous economic clean up that is progressing throughout the whole State. Jim Walker, CEO of QMI posted this on the QMI website:

“The Queensland floods have devastated local communities and businesses. As we begin to survey the damage to the livelihoods of so many, QMI Solutions will have an important role to play in helping businesses get back on their feet and return to some form of normalcy . However this may take some time subject to the extent of damage, insurance coverage, the business’ financial position and communication with employees, customers and suppliers. I envisage that our focus will be to help businesses, primarily manufacturers, get back up and running as soon as possible, which we are doing in collaboration with the Queensland Government and its network of regional offices. Please take care during the clean up and know that we will do our utmost to help you recover and rebuild your business.”

There is clearly a lot of work to do to re build the local economy but we know, from our long professional relationship with the team at QMI, that they are the best people around to help Queensland businesses pick themselves up and get back to to normal as quickly as possible.

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Posted: Friday, February 4th, 2011


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