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Manufacturing Focus – the latest member of the PROBE Network

We are delighted to welcome Manufacturing Focus to the PROBE Network.

The team at Manufacturing Focus provide a wide range of business-improvement expertise, catering especially to the manufacturing sector. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Manufacturing Focus are an independent process engineering consultancy who improve the competitiveness of their customers, from well established enterprises through to businesses managing rapid growth.

Initially, the team will be deploying PROBE for Manufacturing with their customers, but there are already plans to expand to other PROBE ‘flavours’ later this year.

“Probe for Manufacturing provides us with a link to current global manufacturing performance data that is invaluable for our clients that are competing in a global market. The process quickly engages a team and the questions based on sound manufacturing principles and provide excellent focus for improvement opportunities. We have found often it is the areas outside of the direct operation that can hold back good performance. This process aligns both product development and stakeholder focus with manufacturing performance for a more holistic view”.

Mark Fusco, Managing Director of Manufacturing Focus




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Posted: Friday, April 20th, 2012


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