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Making Sense of Sustainability

Looking for a quick, sound approach to making business sense of sustainability?

PROBE for Sustainability is the smart business approach for assessing and measuring an organisation’s journey to sustainability and the new and updated PROBE for Sustainable Business assessment and benchmarking diagnostic tool is now available as a 3 tier diagnostic approach.

  • Translate your business practices and performance into a diagnostic to quickly inform business improvement decisions
  • Map your current sustainability knowledge using the world’s leading measurement approach for business excellence
  • Now you can access a framework that pulls the corporate, social and environmental picture together in one business model
  • We have built a Sustainable Business measurement framework with leading industry, academic and government subject leaders around the world
  • PROBE for Sustainable Business combines recognised works into one “360” business model for the most comprehensive , straightforward measurement and diagnostic yet.

PROBE for Sustainable Business recognises that organisations can be at different stages of their sustainability development by providing a 3 tier diagnostic approach. 

Dr David Yarrow, Head of Sustainable Development for the PROBE Network, “Organisations that are leading the sustainability revolution are those that see sustainability as a key business strategy and driver of innovation not a bolt on to their usual business planning activities. Many of these organisations are looking for practical help to enable them to identify what needs to be done or verify how far they have gone. Probe for Sustainable Business finally gives sustainability practitioners a quick, concise means of doing this, helping you and your clients to unlock the positive business returns that can be gained through sustainability actions.”

If you want a diagnostic tool that will help to identify and realise the substantial  benefits achievable through a serious commitment to sustainable thinking  please Contact us to find out more about PROBE for Sustainable Business.

Download the PROBE for Sustainable Business product sheet

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Posted: Monday, May 16th, 2011


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