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International Wineries Sustainability Benchmarking Project


Based on a call from The Natural Step (TNS) Italy ( to complete 15 Sustainability benchmarks with Italian Wineries, an idea was formed that to expand this to the international stage would deliver greater benefits for all participants.  The PROBE Network is seeking to benchmark approximately 15 Wineries per country (this is a target number aimed to get a quality data sampling).  Wineries will be represented by both the largest in country as well as mid/medium size community wineries.

We envisage that in the main TNS PROBE trained facilitators will conduct the benchmarks; this outline will also be distributed to TNS offices, potential funders and other associate contacts that might assist us in achieving our desired outcomes.

Europe France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK
Americas Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA
Australasia Australia, New Zealand
Africa South Africa


Using the PROBE for Sustainable Business benchmarking tool developed with the aid of The Natural Step International we will be able to provide each winery with a baseline measurement with regard to their sustainability.  Further work to improve each winery’s sustainability can then be carried out with the facilitators.

What is the value to a winery?

  • Savings in operations cost – recent studies show PROBE provides up to a 5:1 return on investment and average savings of $30,000 a year in medium size manufacturers
  • A smarter and broader application of sustainability in the business beyond a simple “carbon reduction” focus that’s backed by the TNS methodology
  • On-going support to achieve their goals the facilitator people can be with them for the whole journey
  • The ability to use the 3-tier scalable PROBE for Sustainable Business to map the winery’s  performance against their supply chain and smarter, achievable targets for improvement
  • International Best Practice Transfer enabling recipients to identify specific areas for improvement and the potential to collaborate (with other wineries in the regional project) and reduce costs in exporting
  • Increase in sustainability credentials potentially opening new brand/marketing opportunities and reducing in country carbon/other government tariffs
  • Identifying reductions of scarce and/or harmful substances to reduce safety, liability and regulatory oversight issues
  • Easily translating the heretofore complex language of sustainability into a coherent business process and performance framework

If you are a TNS associate, an existing PROBE user or a Business Consultant new to PROBE who would like more information about how you can become involved please Contact GERRY OATES


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Posted: Monday, April 11th, 2011


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